Ab Blast Madness!

Ab Blast Madness!

6 Seasons

Our abdominals are key to holding longer balancing postures. That's our power house after all. Join us as we challenge our cores and build a stronger foundation for our bodies.

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Ab Blast Madness!
  • 10 min Ab Blast- Pilates Mat w/ Morgan (Level 2)

    Episode 1

    Who doesn't love a quick core burn out? Morgan brings all the goodies in this fast paced killer core class. (12 minutes)

  • Abdominal Core Killer- Pilates Mat- w/ Vanessa (Level 2)

    Episode 2

    Vanessa delivers a Short & Sweet 15 minute Ab Circuit! No props needed! (14 minutes)

  • Core Quickie- Pilates Mat w/ Yvonne (Level 2)

    Episode 3

    Join Yvonne for a 10 minute Core blast. The first 5 minutes will be done on the back in flexion, and then moves into a "plank party." Perfect to add after a run, after a class, or if you have just 10 minutes to move your body. (14 1/2 minutes)

  • 20 minute Ab Blast- Pilates Mat w/ Morgan (Level 2)

    Episode 4

    Morgan is bringing the heat with this 20 minute core power class. We target the deep transversus abdominis, side obliques with this one. All you need is yourself for this one. Can you feel the burn already? ( 21 minutes)

  • Ab Blast- Pilates Mat w/ Glenna (Level 1/2)

    Episode 5

    Pilates is a full body experience but who doesn't love to just kill those abs, right? Make sure you have a block or something you can use to squeeze between your legs. (34 minutes)