Classical Pilates Principles

Classical Pilates Principles

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Join Peak Pilates Master Trainer, Glenna Asmus, for 9 days of Pilates Principles. Each day you'll alternate between a 60 minute mat class focused on one of the 5 Pilates Principles and a shorter duration express Pilates workout. This challenge is appropriate all levels and is perfect from someone wanting to gain strength and stability in their Pilates practice.

Listen to your body and rest when needed!

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Classical Pilates Principles
  • Pilates Abs and Arms with Glenna Asmus (Level 1/2)

    Episode 1

    Express Pilates Mat - Abs and Arms with Glenna Asmus. This class is an express version of traditional intermediate Pilates exercises with a focus on using the abdominal muscles to create trunk stability and flowing movement in the body. Class ends with the standing arm series.

    Props needed: two...