Five Day Quick Sweat Yoga Challenge!

Five Day Quick Sweat Yoga Challenge!

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Welcome to Invoke's Five Day Quick Sweat Challenge! In around 30 minutes a day you can strengthen your mind and body and make movement a habit with Invoke's signature vinyasa classes. This series of classes is designed to give you a full body challenge each day and fit right into your schedule. Take the challenge with some of Invoke's favorite teachers: Erin Morgan, Yvonne Rodriguez, Brooke Lutgring, Megan Zirkelbach and Jill Godwin.

Day 1: Vinyasa Yoga. Hip & Shoulder Opening with Erin Morgan
Day 2: Vinyasa Strength with Yvonne Rodriguez
Day 3: Vinyasa Yoga with Brooke Lutgring
Day 4: Vinyasa Yoga- Hips and Hamstrings Focus with Megan Zirkelbach
Day 5: Vinyasa Flow Focus on Throat Chakra Flow with Jill Godwin

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Five Day Quick Sweat Yoga Challenge!
  • Hip & Shoulder Opening- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Erin M. (Level 2)

    Episode 1

    Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2. Join Erin Morgan for a dynamic vinyasa flow focused on hip and shoulder opening. We explore eagle, flip dog, and lizard in this class. You may need a block for this practice. (35 minutes)

    Spotify: Erin Morgan Smith