New This Month!

New This Month!

7 Seasons

In this series, you will find updated videos from all your favorite Invoke instructors. Check in often to see what's new!

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New This Month!
  • Vinyasa Flow w/ Alexa H (Level 2)

    Episode 1

    Let's get funky with Alexa and her demonstrator Valerie in this one hour flow. Lots of breath work with a spine and side body focus. Beginning with a spine and core warm up, we elevate the practice to get deep into the hips and legs with a peak space of revolved half moon. A block may be useful t...

  • Side body Stretch & Strength w/ Brooke (Level 2)

    Episode 2

    Join Brooke for an hour long flow that works and stretches the side body. A block might be handy for this practice for triangle, yogi squat, and half moon poses. We'll move through grounding postures, sun salutations, and a creative sequence with peak spaces of half moon and warrior 3.

  • 8 Angle Breakdown w/ Andrea (Level 2/3)

    Episode 3

  • 10 min Ab Blast w/ Morgan

    Episode 4

  • 20 minute Ab Blast w/ Morgan

    Episode 5

  • Get outside Warm up with Glenna (Level 1/2)

    Episode 6

    The weather is getting warmer so it's time to get ourselves moving outside! In this 20 minute class, we find that many outdoor activities involve to use of one leg and core strength. Find a chair for some extra stability as well as a ball of some sort, think tennis ball, lacrosse ball and the lik...

  • Hip Strength and Mobility Flow w/ Megan (Level 2)

    Episode 7

    Join Megan and demo gal Jill for an incredible hour long practice with a focus on Warrior III and Figure 4 poses. We'll find support through our standing leg and stability through our core. Opportunities for Flying Pigeon, eka pada galavasana.