New Videos!

New Videos!

5 Seasons

In this series, you will find updated videos from all your favorite Invoke instructors. Check in often to see what's new!

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New Videos!
  • Dhanurasana Play- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Erin E. (Level 2)

    Episode 1

    Erin E. is bringing the heat today with some strong warrior postures as well as some chest openers and backbends. Dhanurasana will be our peak space will lots of room to play and roam around the body. Two blocks will be handy for this practice if you need extra support for your arms. (1 hour)

  • All Around Vinyasa Yoga w/ Bekah (Level 1)

    Episode 2

    Today, Bekah guilds us through a lovely level 1 flow getting in all the postures one might need to feel lengthened out and mobile. This class is great for anyone who has completed her Intro to Yoga series or folks just needing a quick and effective class. Two blocks should be useful for this prac...

  • Upper Body Opening- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Bekah (Level 1)

    Episode 3

    Bekah leads us through a quick warm up, then gets us into our chest and shoulders to find more space and less tension. This 30 minute flow is great for those on the go and short on time. Blocks can always be useful to elevate the floor to us. (30 minutes)

  • Destination Nowhere- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Yvonne (Level 2)

    Episode 4

    We find strength with pistol squats and Warrior 3's in Yvonne's class today. The vibe was awesome, yet chill as we settled into the mindset of a Sunday driver. No where to be, no destination in mind, just going where the road leads. Have a block with you for your journey as we'll be incorporating...