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Watch this video and more on Invoke Studio

Fiery Full Body Sculpt- Pilates Mat with Weights w/ Vanessa (Level 2)

15 Minutes • 15m

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    Be sure to have a strap of some sort today for resistance and well as a cushy mat. We'll be getting deep into the transversus abdominus and we'll throw some arm work in there just for fun. (16 minutes)

  • Spicy Ab Blaster- Pilates Mat w/ Morg...

    Get ready to hit it hard with a spicy ab workout today. Morgan coaches us through all the goodies to heat up those abdominals to leave your core feeling strong. No props required. (15 minutes)

  • Meditation: Void Contemplation Tactic...

    Void Contemplation Tactics is a series of meditation videos from artist Daniel Chamberlin, aka Cosmic Chambo.

    Today’s 15-minute guided meditation is accompanied by an excerpt from White River: Slow Flow, a series of heavily manipulated slow-motion videos of the White River in Muncie, Indiana.