Anatomy Basics with Brittany- Level 1

Anatomy Basics with Brittany- Level 1

In this with wonderful series, we get back to basics. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or fresh on your journey, this series is a great way to discover how our bodies work while keeping them safe for an effective practice. Class one, we explore the spine, class two is all about the shoulders, class three we dive into the hips, and class four we put everything together with a little inversion practice as well. This is a two week rental so take your time to really immerse your body and mind in this series.

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Anatomy Basics with Brittany- Level 1
  • Yoga Anatomy Class 1 w/ Brittany - The Spine

    Join us for this interactive lesson on the functions of the spine! We will cover the 6 individual movement patterns of the spine as well as learn several drills to help strengthen and stabilize the literal backbone of your practice.

  • Yoga Anatomy Class 2 with Brittany - The Hips

    This short & sweet session will leave you feeling far more knowledgeable on the functionality of the hip joint! We will use drills and props to encourage more body awareness and attention to detail as we move through our full range of hip mobility.

  • Yoga Anatomy Class 3 with Brittany - The Shoulders

    Prepare to have your mind blown as we dig into the anatomy and function of both the shoulder socket and shoulder blade structure. Drills and props make learning the movements of the shoulder a breeze. This class will truly inform your movements both on and off the mat.

  • Yoga Anatomy Class 4 with Brittany - Inversions

    As we tie information from parts 1 through 3 together, you will be introduced to a few more challenging postures. The invitation is to use your new vocab, drill, and prop knowledge to feel your way into an inversion or two!