Rise and Shine Challenge

Rise and Shine Challenge

7 Seasons

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Rise and Shine Challenge
  • Mobile Hips- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Izzy (Level 1/2)

    Episode 1

    Move your body creatively with Izzy this morning to open up the hips. We get into it right away standing, moving different postures to find an awakening of the breath and movement. No props are needed. Just you, your mat, and the sunshine. (23 minutes)

  • Strap Work- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Bekah (Level 1/2)

    Episode 2

    Good morning! Today, we join Bekah for a fun half hour with the strap. We'll play with hand to big toe using the strap as an extension of our body. We'll flow through sun salutations, a primary sequence to get those hips and hamstrings ready and then a nice cool down. A yoga strap, belt, or towel...

  • Wake up & Tone Up- Pilates core w/ Elizabeth (Level 1/2)

    Episode 3

    Our Rise and Shine Challenge wouldn't be complete without an ab and booty blaster with Elizabeth. We welcome her to the on demand platform with this one. She's bringing the energy and the fire with this quick 20 minute core banger. So get up and get moving this morning. You'll be glad you did. (2...

  • Scrumptious Shoulders- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Erin E. (Level 2)

    Episode 4

    Join Erin as we dive deep into the shoulders to melt away stress and open up.

  • Playful Balance- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Bekah (Level 2/3)

    Episode 5

    Rise and Shine, yogis. Today we have Bekah guiding us through class with so playfulness and strength. We'll warm up fast with some sun salutations, find side planks and flip dogs with fun in balancing half moon. Any props you need for your practice are always accepted, all that's needed is your b...

  • Morning Mobility- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Tess (Level 1/2)

    Episode 6

    Good Morning, Spine! Join Tess this morning as we unlock the thoracic spine. We got all the circles, spirals, and twists in this one so get ready to have your spine feeling fine. A bolster or pillow might be helpful for this practice. (32 minutes)