Vanessa Roy

Vanessa Roy

Vanessa started her Pilates journey in late 2017 and completed her 500 hour Comprehensive Teacher Training program in early 2018. Though having learned the classical pilates repertoire, she has a love for spunky, athletic and creative flows. Be prepared to move, sweat, laugh and get a well rounded workout in her classes. She prioritizes safety while keeping the class moving and grooving for the full 55 minutes. Vanessa is also a Registered Yoga Teacher, having completed her 200 hour certification in Bali. Every once in a while elements of yoga will weasel their way into her classes, keeping variety and zest a top priority!

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Vanessa Roy
  • Lower Body Blast with Vanessa Roy (Level 2)

    Join Vanessa for a high intensity lower body strength workout. This class combines strength, stability, and cardio for a well balanced burn. (34 minutes)

    Spotify: varoy93

  • Abs Blast with Vanessa Roy (Level 2)

    Join Vanessa for a fun Ab Blast. From plank variations to target the side obliques, to crunches for the rectus abdominus, and hollow boats for the transversus abdominus, we get it all in. This class is suitable for all levels! (16 minutes)

    Spotify: varoy93

  • Core Mix with Vanessa Roy (Level 2)

    Join Vanessa Roy for a Core Mix class. The class is predominantly core focused with some arm and leg work sprinkled in. You'll need a set up light weights (2-4lbs). ( 30 minutes)

  • Arm Blast with Vanessa Roy (Level 2)

    Join Vanessa Roy for a quick arm burn out! You'll need a set of light weights (2-4 pounders) and that's it! (17 minutes)

  • Abs with Vanessa Roy (Level 2)

    Vanessa delivers a Short & Sweet 15 minute Ab Circuit! No props needed! (14 minutes)

  • Fiery Full Body Sculpt with Vanessa -15 Min (Level 2)

    Join Vanessa in this fierce full body sequence. This is a great addition if you feel like you're needing just a bit of extra movement, or if you're short on time and want to squeeze a workout in! A set of light weights might be useful. (15 minutes)