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Watch this video and more on Invoke Studio

Hips & Twists with Jill Godwin (Level 2/3)

Jill Godwin • 59m

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  • Embracing Change with Jill (Level 2)

    Jill's flow is all about embracing change. Recorded live in our downtown studios, Jill will lead us through different series of flows that are similar, yet different, allowing ourselves to be ok with the unknown. From revolved triangles and half moons, to a peak space of grasshopper, there is som...

  • Hips and Side Body with Jill (Level 2)

    Today we are hitting hard with just a half hour flow getting into the hips with lunge variations, forward folds, lateral side body stretches and a whole lot of fun. (37 minutes)

  • Crow Pose Breakdown with Jill (Level ...

    Have a pillow, bolster, or blanket near by for todays crow pose breakdown. This is among one of the first arm balances that students find. The arms are very compact in this posture, and like eka pada galavasana, the strength from chaturanga dandasana is vital. We got to let go of ego and tap into...