Jill Godwin

Jill Godwin

Jillian began her yoga journey in 2013 after the passing of her mother, Donna, from lung cancer. Yoga gave her a way to heal and redirect her grief into something beautiful and strong. Coming from a movement background, she has been dancing since age 11, 17 of those years were spent as a professional contemporary dancer with Dance Kaleidoscope in Indianapolis, Indiana. She emerged as a soloist with the company after a few short years and was named one of Indiana’s most intriguing artists in the early 2010’s. She has been teaching ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and contemporary dance since the age of 18 and is currently a full time teacher with Central Indiana Academy of Dance in Carmel, Indiana as well as Dance Kaleidoscope’s tap and adult ballet instructor. In 2012, she became certified as an aerial yoga instructor through Mindful Movement Studio, where she then taught for more than seven years. Jillian has been a strong practitioner of vinyasa yoga for the past two years and was finally able to receive her certification through the Yoga and Ayurveda Studio in Pennsylvania during the global pandemic in 2020, an online program. Her mission with teaching is to make yoga available for every body, from beginner to advanced, and for every income level, making yoga more accessible for those that may not have the financial means. Her classes are well thought out, will make you laugh, and will help you regain your sense of self and confidence.

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Jill Godwin
  • Balance and Core Strength with Jill Godwin (Level 2)

    Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2 with Jill Godwin. This quick and creative vinyasa flow focuses on balance and core strength.

    Spotify: Jillian Godwin

  • Upper Body Opening with Jill Godwin (Level 1)

    Vinyasa Yoga - Level 1. This is slow flow focuses on great mobility work for the upper body in the areas we all hold tension (neck, chest, and shoulders).

    Spotify: Jillian Godwin

  • Creative Transitions with Jill Godwin (Level 2)

    Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2. Join Jill for a creative sequence including a funky handstand hop variation, core work, and a plethora of fun transitions.

    Spotify: Jillian Godwin

  • Beginner Flow with Jill Godwin (Level 1)

    This flow is great for the new & curious yogi, or one who prefers a slower paced class!

  • Root Chakra Flow with Jill Godwin (Level 2)

    Join Jill as she guides us through a fun flow with a focus on the root chakra. We'll be finding grounding poses to help cultivate a deeper sense of support and anchoring. By staying open we leave room for discovery and curiosity during our practices. So let's roll out those mats and don't forget ...

  • Vinyasa Flow Focus on Throat Chakra Flow with Jill Godwin (Level 2/3)

    Join Jill as we explore poses that help to open the throat chakra, Vishuddha. We are hitting it hard in this 30 minute flow tie some fun transitions and some major arm & shoulder strengthening, working into funky pincha mayurasana!

  • Finding your Balance with Jill Godwin - Level 1

    Finding balance is hard, especially on one leg! So let's slow down so we can feel the body stack and firm into the earth. By using our focus and breath, we are able to create stability and strength throughout the body. Blocks may be handy if you have tight hamstrings or just to bring the floor cl...

  • Finding Your Balance with Jill Godwin (Level 1)

    Finding balance is hard, especially on one leg! So let's slow down so we can feel the body stack and firm into the earth. By using our focus and breath, we are able to create stability and strength throughout the body. Blocks may be handy if you have tight hamstrings or just to bring the floor cl...

  • Harmony & Balance Flow with Jill Godwin (Level 2/3)

    In this class we will be exploring poses that challenge our balance as well as our focus. With our bodies, minds, and breath working together, we gather a deeper sense of harmony and connection to ones true nature.

  • Practicing Non-Attachment with Jill Godwin (Level 2/3)

    The birds have many things to teach us. Not being too attached to one place, knowing that everything is temporary and fleeting. Join Jill G. As she leads us through this fun bird themed flow. We’ll be finding fun arm balances including crow, flying crow, and flying pigeon as well as deep hip and ...

  • Camel Pose Flow with Jill Godwin (Level 1)

    Let’s move a little slower today to open up the chest and the back. We will be finding and breaking down Ustrasana, camel pose, throughout this flow. Will be finding lots of spaces where we can release, pause, breathe, and become. Make sure to have two blocks handy.

  • Tolasana Variations with Jill Godwin (Level 2/3)

    Get ready for a killer arm, abdominal, and pelvic floor flow. WE'll definitely be utilizing blocks today so be sure to have some within reach. We will be working to strengthen the core, pelvic floor muscles and arms to lift our bodies into different variations of tolasana, from an L sit to the fu...

  • Side Body Flow with Jill Godwin (Level 1)

    Let's do it quick and simple today by stretching and strengthening the side body. Be sure to have some blocks handy to raise the floor closer to you. We're moving nice and slow so we can really feel all the inner workings of the body and how the breath connects us to them!

  • Hips & Twists with Jill Godwin (Level 2/3)

    Let's get deep into the hips and wring out the spine. We'll be exploring different yogi squats and twists as well as finding both internal and external rotation of the hips - all culminating into side eagle -- think side crow but with eagle legs! This is sure to be a fun one!

    A block could be ha...

  • Hamstring Delight with Jill Godwin (Level 2)

    We are getting deep into the hamstrings with this one today, friends. We’ll go through a series of two flows to lengthen out the hamstrings and lubricate the hip joints with a peak space of Hanumasana. Be sure to have two blocks handy.

  • Side Body Sensation with Jill Godwin (Level 2)

    Let’s stretch and strengthen our side body today with this quick 30 minute flow. With a fun and creative peak space of hovering awkward dancer, this flow will be sure to leave you feeling all the side body sensations. Two blocks could be useful.

  • Embracing Change with Jill (Level 2)

    Jill's flow is all about embracing change. Recorded live in our downtown studios, Jill will lead us through different series of flows that are similar, yet different, allowing ourselves to be ok with the unknown. From revolved triangles and half moons, to a peak space of grasshopper, there is som...

  • Mindful Meditation with Jill (All Levels)

  • Hips and Side Body with Jill (Level 2)

    Today we are hitting hard with just a half flow getting into the hips with lunge variations, forward folds, lateral side body stretches and a whole lot of fun.

  • Crow Pose Breakdown with Jill (Level 1/2)

  • Flying Pigeon Practice with Jill (Level 2/3)