Andrea Owens

Andrea Owens

Movement has always been integral in Andrea’s life. From the age of 3, she began using dance and the performing arts as her form of self-expression. Although she had this outlet of performing that allowed the body to release, she was often left with anxiety from overthinking and over analyzing situations. This freedom of body and stifling of the mind made her anxious to find balance within.
When Andrea was eighteen, her mom took her to a corporate yoga class and she felt a dynamic combination of peace in my body and mind. The balance that she had been craving propelled her to learn all that she could about breath and the mind-body connection.

After a career in Los Angeles as an actor, Andrea began studying to become a Creative Arts Therapist, and has recently moved back to Indianapolis. She is certified in Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Sculpt Yoga, Pre and Postnatal Yoga and Reiki. She is currently working towards her 500 hour Yoga certificate.

Now that Andrea is a Mom, she’s using her yoga training to heal her body and mind post birth. Andrea’s goal is to create a safe space for you to challenge and connect with self in order to connect deeper with world around you.

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Andrea Owens
  • Balance of the Mind and Body- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Andrea (Level 2)

    The region around our pelvis are a complex system of intertwined muscles, ligaments and tendons as well as a junk drawer of emotions. Today's flow with focus on the outer hips to strengthen and stretch the gluteus medius, maximus, and iliotibial band (I.T.). (28 minutes)

  • 8 Angle Breakdown- Yoga Arm Balance Practice w/ Andrea (Level 2/3)

    Today we have a tutorial on 8 angle pose, astavakrasana. In this arm balancing pose, we fire up the abs in this asymmetrical arm balance. We need balance, flexibility, strength and most important of all, confidence for this pose. Take your time with this one working up to it, keeping good alignme...

  • Crown Chakra- Guided Meditation w/ Andrea (Level 1)

    In this 10 minute meditation, we find that opening up the crown chakra can make way for new discoveries and opportunities that we may not have realized or noticed before. Find a comfortable place in your home where it's quiet with little to no outside distractions. Be sure to find comfort in your...

  • Hamstring Strength & Stretch- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Andrea (Level 2)

    Hamstrings are any 1 of the 3 posterior thigh muscles in between the hip and the knee. They play a critical role in many daily activities such as walking, running, and controlling movement in the gluteus, just to name a few. They are susceptible to injury quite often, becoming overstretched (pull...

  • Family Vinyasa Yoga w/ Andrea (Level 1)

    Join Andrea as she leads us through a family flow, great for all levels. From kids and teens, to adults and those young at heart, there's something for everyone in this flow. For those with limited mobility, make sure to have a chair and a bolster or couch cushion for extra support and stability....

  • Grounding- Guided Meditation w/ Andrea (All Levels)

    During the holidays or anytime you're feeling a bit chaotic, what better way to come back to earth than a grounding meditation. At just under 15 minutes, find your roots and slow down with Andrea. Make sure to find a warm and quiet place, whether that's a room in your home or in your car, where y...

  • Flow into Camel Pose- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Andrea (Level 1/2)

    Today we are prepping the spine for camel pose, ustrasana. Andrea gracefully guilds us through chest openers and spine strengtheners to get us supported and stable for this posture. A few blocks and possibly a strap can be used throughout to help us deepen and stabilize. (41 minutes)

  • Shoulder Mobility- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Andrea (Level 1/2)

    We'll be using blocks and straps to help us deepen mobility in the shoulder today. Andrea hopes that you feel more open and strong after this fun sequence. (25 minutes)

  • Kids Yoga Holiday Edition- w/ Andrea, Adriana, and Zara

    We are going to get a little silly today and learn some cool moves in this kids yoga holiday edition! Join Andrea, Adriana, and Zara for a fun class that uses our bodies, breath, and imagination! ( 20 minutes)

  • Family Yoga- w/ Andrea, David, & Adriana (All Levels)

    Andrea Leads us through today with a family style yoga flow fit for all ages and abilities. Yoga is truly for everyone from the young to the young at heart. We hope this holiday season you can share the love of yoga with your loved ones with this accessible class. (21 minutes)