Brooke Lutgring

Brooke Lutgring

Brooke began practicing yoga three years ago in search of adding variety to her exercise routine. She graduated from IU with a degree in Health Fitness Specialty, but was hesitant to try yoga because she was unsure if she could calm her busy mind for an entire hour. Brooke instantly fell in love with the practice. Shortly after, she signed up for teacher training at Invoke Yoga Studio in the fall of 2015. Her goal for each class is to create a fun, high energy environment that leaves each person feeling empowered and confident in themselves. Outside of Invoke, Brooke works as an Electrophysiologist Device Technician at Indiana Heart Physicians. Becoming a yoga teacher has brought her much happiness and solidifies her passion to help others and encourage their wellbeing. Join her in class to see what she can offer you!

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Brooke Lutgring
  • Vinyasa Flow with Brooke Lutgring (Level 2)

    Brooke leads us through a breath-based Vinyasa practice which will focus on opening through the chest and heart space. Options for the new and experienced practitioner will be presented in today's sequence. Triangle, exhalations, and ardha chandrasana will be explored and we make our way through....

  • All Around Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Brooke (Level 2)

    Finding strength in the lower body and ease with the upper, we connect the two finding harmony within. We find all the good stuff in this flow including twists, hamstring stretching and strengthening, hip flexor lengthening, and deep side body extension. (31 1/2 minutes)

  • War Memorial Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Brooke (Level 2)

    Join Brooke for a quick Level 2 Vinyasa class and the scenic War Memorial located in Downtown Indy. All levels are welcome. We'll find reverse table tops to find strength, arm variations to find mobility, and binds to unlock the shoulders. (32 minutes)
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  • Quick & Dirty- Vinyasa Flow w/ Brooke (Level 1/2)

    Ever want to just move the body just don't have a ton of time? This practice is for you. We hit everything from twists, spinal articulations and ab work and a little inversion in down dog. Now we can make it to our mat without having to worry about time. (14 minutes)

  • Compassion Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Brooke (Level 2)

    Brooke does it again with another killer flow today. We begin with finding the breath and then making our way into core and side body strengthening. Sun salutations follow with lots of poses that will take us low and high. We finish with some deep stretching for the hips in lizard and pigeon pose...