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  • 17th Anniversary Challenge

    8 seasons

    For 7 days, we'll all try something new. Never done pilates? Yoga? Meditation? There's a little something for everyone wanting to try something new or to renew their practice. Join us on this 7 day journey. Let's see what we find! We celebrate 17 Years in January 2022 and put together this collec...

  • Intro to Yoga #3 with Bekah (Level 1)

    Class 3 of 4

    This four-class series is designed for brand new yoga students, or those that would like to review the fundamentals of yoga.

    In this workshop series, we will introduce basic alignment and breathing techniques!

  • Flow to 8 Angle Pose with Megan Zirkelbach (Level 2)

    Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2 - Vinyasa, a style of yoga, is a flowing sequence of asanas that ties movement with breath. Invoke’s dynamic vinyasa focuses on the flow, strength and power of the practice.

    Spotify: mazirkelbach13

  • Yoga Anatomy Class 2 with Brittany - The Hips

    This short & sweet session will leave you feeling far more knowledgeable on the functionality of the hip joint! We will use drills and props to encourage more body awareness and attention to detail as we move through our full range of hip mobility.

  • Fundamental Primal Patterns with Todd Gulizia (Level 1)

    In this class, you'll engage with 5 primary developmental movement patterns (breathing, head nods/rotations, rolling, rocking, and crawling) based upon the Original Strength system. These ground-based movements allow the nervous system to relax so the body can move more efficiently. They can subs...

  • Tarot Inspired Class - Temperance - with Bekah Pollard (Level 2)

    This class takes inspiration from the Temperance tarot card, focusing on balancing poses, and balance in the mind, reminding us in order to better serve others, we have to serve ourselves. You can’t pour from any empty cup.