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  • Cultivating Gratitude during Challenging Times

    7 seasons

    Let's face it. Going through life can feel scary and uncertain at times. The winds of change are constantly blowing and it can be easy to forget that there is so much to be grateful for. Here at Invoke, we are grateful for you, our students, clients, and friends. We have compiled a gratitude base...

  • Dhanurasana Play- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Erin E. (Level 2)

    Erin E. is bringing the heat today with some strong warrior postures as well as some chest openers and backbends. Dhanurasana will be our peak space will lots of room to play and roam around the body. Two blocks will be handy for this practice if you need extra support for your arms. (1 hour)

  • New Videos!

    5 seasons

    In this series, you will find updated videos from all your favorite Invoke instructors. Check in often to see what's new!

  • Lower Body Base- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Erin E. (Level 2)

    Today's class has a focus on the lower body. From pyramid, to standing splits, to triangles and revolutions, we'll be strengthening as well as lengthening the lower half of the body. One or two blocks will be wise to have as well as a blanket for sensitive knees. Erin is always bringing the slow ...

  • In Studio (Live Class) Archive

    16 items

    An archive of Invoke's in-studio Yoga classes, recorded live at Invoke Studio, Downtown Indianapolis.

  • Flow into Camel Pose- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Andrea (Level 1/2)

    Today we are prepping the spine for camel pose, ustrasana. Andrea gracefully guilds us through chest openers and spine strengtheners to get us supported and stable for this posture. A few blocks and possibly a strap can be used throughout to help us deepen and stabilize. (41 minutes)