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  • Vinyasa Flow Focus on Throat Chakra Flow with Jill Godwin (Level 2/3)

    Join Jill as we explore poses that help to open the throat chakra, Vishuddha. We are hitting it hard in this 30 minute flow tie some fun transitions and some major are & should strengthening! - working into funky pinch mayurasana!

  • Heart Opening Flow with Jillian McAfee (Level 2)

  • Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga with Erin Morgan (Level 2)

    A quick 30 minute Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2 - with Erin Morgan. Vinyasa, a style of yoga, is a flowing sequence of asanas that ties movement with breath. Invoke’s dynamic vinyasa focuses on the flow, strength and power of the practice.

    You may need a block for this practice.

    Spotify: Erin Morgan...

  • Backbends & Core with Yvonne Rodriguez

    Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2 with Yvonne Rodriguez is suitable for all levels. This yoga class offers an athletic style flow with specific emphasis on alignment and form.

    Focus of the class: heart openers focusing on activating the core and legs

    You may want to have a strap handy and at least 1 bloc...