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  • Awakening Yoga w/ Laura Henderson (Level 1/2)

    Laura has crafted another beautifully sequenced class for us today to awaken the body and cleanse the soul. There's so much room for modifications and exploration in this class today, that you'll forget you haven't done a single vinyasa. A couple blocks may be supporting for you. (52 minutes)

  • Unveiling Personal Power- Yin Yoga w/ Melissa Bailey

    5 seasons

  • New Videos!

    7 seasons

    In this series, you will find updated videos from all your favorite Invoke instructors. Check in often to see what's new!

  • Conscious Breath- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Erin E. (Level 2)

    Steady movements and deep breathing are provided in this strong sequence today. Ujjayi breathing carries us through today's practice with all the warrior asanas and revolved pyramid. Blocks may provide support for tight hamstrings or bringing the floor closer to you. (1 hour)

  • Mobility Yoga- w/ Laura (Level 1/2)

    Invoke On Demand welcomes Laura Henderson to the platform. Today she is bringing us a sweet mobility class to will leave your joints and your mind feeling free. Some days don't call for a vinyasa style practice, especially on those days that you're feeling stiff. A block and strap may be useful f...

  • In Studio (Live Class) Archive

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    An archive of Invoke's in-studio Yoga classes, recorded live at Invoke Studio, Downtown Indianapolis.