Stacey Enneking

Stacey Enneking

Stacey started doing yoga along with Bryan Kest’s classic 1990s tapes – struggling through the hour practice just for that blissful savasana at the end. Always active, she used yoga to complement her lifestyle and enjoyed puzzling her way through the physicality of postures. It wasn’t until after she started teaching at Purdue’s gym in 2008 that she dug deeper into yoga as a meditative practice. In 2014, she completed a 200-hr Ashtanga teacher training with Samyak Yoga in Himachal Pradesh, India, followed by 2 months of training in Prana Vashya yoga with Vinay Kumar in Karnataka, India. She now values yoga as a tool to grow both physically and mentally – learning to use the breath, rather than force, to persevere through challenges. She hopes to convey this in her classes by providing guidance and time, focusing on the breath through transitions and while deepening postures.

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Stacey Enneking
  • Childish Hips - Restorative Yoga w/ Stacey (Level 1)

    Easy going, easy flowing. Stacey guilds us through a grounded flow that will lead into more restorative postures. We move through hip circles and child's pose variations, gravitating into supta baddha konasana and twisted holds. A couple bolsters or pillows, blankets, whatever you have available,...

  • Shoulder Release- Restorative Yoga w/ Stacey (Level 1)

    We move gently and will intention as we make our way through more restorative postures leading up to a supported sailors knot. This practice will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed and de-stressed! (39 minutes)

  • Slow & Steady- Vinyasa Flow w/ Stacey (Level 1/2)

    This is a great all-levels flow that focuses on moving slowly and really sinking deep into the poses. Don't let the level 1/2 fool you! Asanas like Warrior 2, Peaceful Warrior, and Crescent lunge will be held with balance and poise. (34 minutes)

  • Balance back, Balance up- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Stacey (Level 1/2)

    Full body flow, building up to stepping back and forward through leg balances. With a longer leg balance sequence at the end! (1 hour 4 minutes)