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Watch this video and more on Invoke Studio

Watch this video and more on Invoke Studio

Mid-Day Full Body Flow with Brittany Kincius (Level 1/2)

30 Minutes • 31m

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    Easy going, easy flowing. Stacey guilds us through a grounded flow that will lead into more restorative postures. We move through hip circles and child's pose variations, gravitating into supta baddha konasana and twisted holds. A couple bolsters or pillows, blankets, whatever you have available,...

  • Intro to Yoga #3 with Bekah (Level 1)

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    This four-class series is designed for brand new yoga students, or those that would like to review the fundamentals of yoga.
    In this workshop series, we will introduce basic alignment and breathing techniques!
    Today we flow through sun salutations as well as an easy to follow flow le...

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    We work on loosening up the hips and mobilizing the spine today. Discover all the ways the spine can move culminating to a peak space of eagle. (32 minutes)