17th Anniversary Challenge

17th Anniversary Challenge

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For 7 days, we'll all try something new. Never done pilates? Yoga? Meditation? There's a little something for everyone wanting to try something new or to renew their practice. Join us on this 7 day journey. Let's see what we find! We celebrate 17 Years in January 2022 and put together this collection to help you explore all of Invoke Studio's offerings.

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17th Anniversary Challenge
  • Crunch-less Core Work- Pilates Mat w/ Glenna (Level 2)

    Episode 1

    Join Glenna for some "crunchless" core work. Intrigued? In this short class, we find deep engagement of the abdominal wall with bridging, lateral bends, and hovering table tops. No props are required for this workout. (22 minutes)

  • Flow into Titibasana- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Megan Z. (Level 2)

    Episode 2

    What's beautiful about Vinyasa is that we can show up in many different places and spaces depending on what you need for your practice. This class was recorded live in our downtown studio, so you'll see the instructor interact with her class, but you'll always be able to see her assistant Sawyer ...

  • Childish Hips - Restorative Yoga w/ Stacey (Level 1)

    Episode 3

    Easy going, easy flowing. Stacey guilds us through a grounded flow that will lead into more restorative postures. We move through hip circles and child's pose variations, gravitating into supta baddha konasana and twisted holds. A couple bolsters or pillows, blankets, whatever you have available,...

  • Express Workout- Pilates Mat w/ Maria (Level 1/2)

    Episode 4

    In this class, Maria focuses on the basic pilates principles for a total body workout, express style! We begin with the core to stabilize the body, then onto leg work, planks, and standing work. This class is perfect for when you need a quick workout while you're away on business, have a short lu...

  • Embracing Change-Vinyasa Yoga w/ Jill (Level 2)

    Episode 5

    Jill's flow is all about embracing change. Recorded live in our downtown studios, Jill will lead us through different series of flows that are similar, yet different, allowing ourselves to be ok with the unknown. From revolved triangles and half moons, to a peak space of grasshopper, there is som...

  • Bedtime Unwind- Yin Yoga w/ Allison (Level 1)

    Episode 6

    This Yin class is perfect for right before bed! Find the perfect way to wind down from your day with this abbreviated yin flow with Allison. Two blocks and a bolster or pillow will be needed to help support the body to invite a deeper release for the muscles. We'll find legs up a wall, supported ...

  • Mindful Breathing- Guided Meditation with Jill (All Levels)

    Episode 7

    Connect to your breath and find release from your day with this mindful meditation. Many times throughout our day we find ourselves stressed, anxious, or disconnected. Return to yourself, remember to breathe, and find stillness from within. (11 minutes)