How to Arm Balance Series

How to Arm Balance Series

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In this series composed of shorter videos, our Invoke instructors will guild you through how to guilds to help build strength needed to support the body in arm balances. These videos are to help encourage you to practice these skills perhaps after a full class. This series will be added onto, so check back frequently for new content. Remember, if you're new to arm balancing, use the wall and any props as needed! Everyone starts somewhere, so use your intuition to do what's best for your body.

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How to Arm Balance Series
  • Crow Pose Breakdown- Arm Balance Yoga Practice w/ Jill (Level 1/2)

    Episode 1

    Have a pillow, bolster, or blanket near by for todays crow pose breakdown. This is among one of the first arm balances that students find. The arms are very compact in this posture, and like eka pada galavasana, the strength from chaturanga dandasana is vital. We got to let go of ego and tap into...

  • Handstand Tutorial- Inversion Yoga Practice w/ Megan Z. (Level 2/3)

    Episode 2

    Join Megan for a fun handstand tutorial! She'll take you through a warm up, quick flow, then get into those L handstand hops. Enjoy! (11 minutes)

  • Forearm Stand- Yoga Inversion Practice w/ Yvonne (Level 2/3)

    Episode 3

    Join Yvonne for a Forearm Stand (pincha mayurasana) tutorial. She'll guide you through stretches to open up the shoulders, strengthening exercises to prepare you for this inversion, and cues to get into this awesome pose. (8 minutes)

  • Handstand Primer- Inversion Yoga Practice w/ Todd (Level 2/3)

    Episode 4

    Handstand Primer - Level 2/3. Join Todd for fun handstand prep including core work, rocking, wrist work, handstand holds at the wall, and if ready...the center of your space! (13 minutes)

  • Flying Pigeon Primer- Arm Balance Yoga Practice w/ Jill (Level 2/3)

    Episode 5

    Eka Pada Galavasana is a simple yet complex posture. When one takes a step back and breaks down what it is, we find it's a combination between chaturanga dandasana and pigeon pose. This pose can bring up a little bit of fear and awe at the same time. Physical and mental strength are needed for th...

  • 8 Angle Breakdown- Yoga Arm Balance Practice w/ Andrea (Level 2/3)

    Episode 6

    Today we have a tutorial on 8 angle pose, astavakrasana. In this arm balancing pose, we fire up the abs in this asymmetrical arm balance. We need balance, flexibility, strength and most important of all, confidence for this pose. Take your time with this one working up to it, keeping good alignme...