Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat

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Pilates Mat
  • Intense Full Body Sculpt- Pilates Mat w/ Morgan (Level 2)

    All you'll need today is some space, some light weights, and a body ready to spice it UP! We are working the body from head to toe today with this intense sculpting class. We fire up the lower body to begin then add on the arms finding the internal and external rotators. Don't forget to breathe d...

  • Spicy Ab Blaster- Pilates Mat w/ Morgan (Level 2)

    Get ready to hit it hard with a spicy ab workout today. Morgan coaches us through all the goodies to heat up those abdominals to leave your core feeling strong. No props required. (15 minutes)

  • Glutes & Legs- Pilates Mat w/ Morgan (Level 2)

    Let's tone up the glutes and strengthen the legs today with Morgan! She instructs us through various exercises to help build strength and add muscle tone to the lower body. A block could be handy for today's class but not necessary. (30 minutes)

  • From Low to High- Pilates Mat w/ Morgan (Level 2)

    Bust out your light hand weights, soup cans, water bottles or whatever you have for this killer quickie Pilates mat class. Morgan is keeping us moving today so we can get our burn on and get back to our day. We start from the bottom up, working our way through leg work, abdominals, arms and back....

  • Wake up & Tone Up- Pilates core w/ Elizabeth (Level 1/2)

    Our Rise and Shine Challenge wouldn't be complete without an ab and booty blaster with Elizabeth. We welcome her to the on demand platform with this one. She's bringing the energy and the fire with this quick 20 minute core banger. So get up and get moving this morning. You'll be glad you did. (2...