10 Minutes

10 Minutes

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10 Minutes
  • Chaturanga Tutorial- Vinyasa Breakdown w/ Bekah (Level 1)

    In our Vinyasa practice, typically the teacher will call out, "move through your Vinyasa" or "Vinyasa flow". Today we break down what this means for newer students or those who just need a refresher. Bekah explains each part clearly and with modifications. (9 minutes)

  • Crown Chakra- Guided Meditation w/ Andrea (Level 1)

    In this 10 minute meditation, we find that opening up the crown chakra can make way for new discoveries and opportunities that we may not have realized or noticed before. Find a comfortable place in your home where it's quiet with little to no outside distractions. Be sure to find comfort in your...

  • Core Quickie- Pilates Mat w/ Yvonne (Level 2)

    Join Yvonne for a 10 minute Core blast. The first 5 minutes will be done on the back in flexion, and then moves into a "plank party." Perfect to add after a run, after a class, or if you have just 10 minutes to move your body. (14 1/2 minutes)

  • 10 min Ab Blast- Pilates Mat w/ Morgan (Level 2)

    Who doesn't love a quick core burn out? Morgan brings all the goodies in this fast paced killer core class. (12 minutes)

  • Mindful Breathing- Guided Meditation with Jill (All Levels)

    Connect to your breath and find release from your day with this mindful meditation. Many times throughout our day we find ourselves stressed, anxious, or disconnected. Return to yourself, remember to breathe, and find stillness from within. (11 minutes)

  • Crow Pose Breakdown- Arm Balance Yoga Practice w/ Jill (Level 1/2)

    Have a pillow, bolster, or blanket near by for todays crow pose breakdown. This is among one of the first arm balances that students find. The arms are very compact in this posture, and like eka pada galavasana, the strength from chaturanga dandasana is vital. We got to let go of ego and tap into...

  • Forearm Stand- Yoga Inversion Practice w/ Yvonne (Level 2/3)

    Join Yvonne for a Forearm Stand (pincha mayurasana) tutorial. She'll guide you through stretches to open up the shoulders, strengthening exercises to prepare you for this inversion, and cues to get into this awesome pose. (8 minutes)

  • Flying Pigeon Primer- Arm Balance Yoga Practice w/ Jill (Level 2/3)

    Eka Pada Galavasana is a simple yet complex posture. When one takes a step back and breaks down what it is, we find it's a combination between chaturanga dandasana and pigeon pose. This pose can bring up a little bit of fear and awe at the same time. Physical and mental strength are needed for th...

  • Handstand Tutorial- Inversion Yoga Practice w/ Megan Z. (Level 2/3)

    Join Megan for a fun handstand tutorial! She'll take you through a warm up, quick flow, then get into those L handstand hops. Enjoy! (11 minutes)

  • 8 Angle Breakdown- Yoga Arm Balance Practice w/ Andrea (Level 2/3)

    Today we have a tutorial on 8 angle pose, astavakrasana. In this arm balancing pose, we fire up the abs in this asymmetrical arm balance. We need balance, flexibility, strength and most important of all, confidence for this pose. Take your time with this one working up to it, keeping good alignme...

  • Grounding- Guided Meditation w/ Andrea (All Levels)

    During the holidays or anytime you're feeling a bit chaotic, what better way to come back to earth than a grounding meditation. At just under 15 minutes, find your roots and slow down with Andrea. Make sure to find a warm and quiet place, whether that's a room in your home or in your car, where y...