30 Minutes

30 Minutes

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30 Minutes
  • Hip & Shoulder Opening- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Erin M. (Level 2)

    Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2. Join Erin Morgan for a dynamic vinyasa flow focused on hip and shoulder opening. We explore eagle, flip dog, and lizard in this class. You may need a block for this practice. (35 minutes)

    Spotify: Erin Morgan Smith

  • Rock & Roll Mobility Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Megan Z. (Level 2)

    Vinyasa Yoga - Level 2. Join Megan Zirkelbach for shortened version of her beloved Rock & Roll Flow. If you've not taken this class in person, you can expect some playful mobility work that will challenge your balance and stamina. (33 minutes)

    Spotify: Megan Zirkelbach

  • Core Mix- Pilates Mat with Weights w/ Vanessa (Level 2)

    Join Vanessa Roy for a Core Mix class. The class is predominantly core focused with some arm and leg work sprinkled in. You'll need a set up light weights (2-4lbs). ( 30 minutes)

  • Twisty Spine- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Ally ( Level 1/2)

    Vinyasa Yoga - Level 1/2 - This is a basic or slower paced class that is perfect for beginners or those that prefer a slow flow. Although this class will move with a flow, it will be a slower flow so the student has ample time to move into and out of the pose effectively keeping the stability tha...

  • Side Angle Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Ally (Level 1)

    Join Ally with this wonderful side angle sequence with a little grounded warrior and twists to open up the body. (29 minutes)

  • Seated Ring Sequence- Pilates Mat w/ Glenna (Level 2)

    Join Glenna for Mat class featuring variations with the Pilates Ring. Enjoy this series to of controlled movement to strengthen your body from head to toe. Previous mat pilates experience recommended. Don't have a ring? Improvise! (36 minutes)

  • Bedtime Unwind- Yin Yoga w/ Allison (Level 1)

    This Yin class is perfect for right before bed! Find the perfect way to wind down from your day with this abbreviated yin flow with Allison. Two blocks and a bolster or pillow will be needed to help support the body to invite a deeper release for the muscles. We'll find legs up a wall, supported ...

  • Beginner Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Jill (Level 1)

    This flow is great for the new & curious yogi, or one who prefers a slower paced class! Poses will be accessible to all levels! (29 minutes)

  • Throat Chakra- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Jill (Level 2/3)

    Join Jill as we explore poses that help to open the throat chakra, Vishuddha. We are hitting it hard in this abbreviated flow with some fun transitions and major arm & shoulder strengthening, working into funky pincha mayurasana! (36 minutes)

  • Heart Opening Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Jillian (Level 2)

    Join Jillian for a wonderful heart opening sequence with a peak space of half moon chapasana. (29 minutes)

  • Dynamic & Athletic- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Jillian (Level 2)

    Get moving & grooving with Jillian for a 30 minute spicy flow. Focusing on heart opening, twists, and some fun dynamic movements- grab your mat and let's get going! (30 minutes)

  • Finding Your Balance- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Jill (Level 1)

    Finding balance is hard, especially on one leg! So let's slow down so we can feel the body stack and firm into the earth. By using our focus and breath, we are able to create stability and strength throughout the body. Blocks may be handy if you have tight hamstrings or just to bring the floor cl...

  • Energizing Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Yvonne (Level 1/2)

    From chairs and eagle binds, this full body, all levels vinyasa flow leaving you feeling nourished, energized and heart centered! (31 minutes)

  • Short & Spicy Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Yvonne (Level 2)

    In true Yvonne fashion, be ready to get down to business with this short & fiery level 2 flow! (31 minutes)

  • Camel Pose Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Jill (Level 1)

    Let’s move a little slower today to open up the chest and the back. We will be finding and breaking down Ustrasana, camel pose, throughout this flow. Will be finding lots of spaces where we can release, pause, breathe, and become. Make sure to have two blocks handy. (34 minutes)

  • Intro to Yoga #1- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Bekah (Level 1)

    Class 1 of 4
    This four-class series is designed for brand new yoga students, or those that would like to review the fundamentals of yoga.
    In this workshop series, we will introduce basic alignment and breathing techniques!
    Welcome to your first class! We are so glad you're here. Taking the first ...

  • Fierce Strength- Pilates Mat with Weights w/ Yvonne (Level 2)

    30 minute full body burn with the fierce, Yvonne!
    Buckle up and get down to business!!
    Be sure to have some hand weights suited to your needs.
    (30 minutes)

  • Mid-Day Full Body Flow- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Brittany K. (Level 1/2)

    This 30-minute practice is the perfect sequence to get you out of your (work)day and into your body. Move through some simple flows as you build to a bound version of pyramid pose, Parsvottanasana. This class is appropriate for newer practitioners familiar with basic postures (down dog, warrior 2...

  • Childish Hips - Restorative Yoga w/ Stacey (Level 1)

    Easy going, easy flowing. Stacey guilds us through a grounded flow that will lead into more restorative postures. We move through hip circles and child's pose variations, gravitating into supta baddha konasana and twisted holds. A couple bolsters or pillows, blankets, whatever you have available,...

  • Intro to Yoga #3- Vinyasa Yoga with Bekah (Level 1)

    Class 3 of 4
    This four-class series is designed for brand new yoga students, or those that would like to review the fundamentals of yoga.
    In this workshop series, we will introduce basic alignment and breathing techniques!
    Today we flow through sun salutations as well as an easy to follow flow le...

  • Mobile Spine & Hips- Vinyasa Yoga w/ Megan Z. (Level 2)

    We work on loosening up the hips and mobilizing the spine today. Discover all the ways the spine can move culminating to a peak space of eagle. (32 minutes)

  • Side Body Stretch- Vinyasa Flow w/ Jill (Level 1)

    Let's do it quick and simple today by stretching and strengthening the side body. Be sure to have some blocks handy to raise the floor closer to you. We're moving nice and slow so we can really feel all the inner workings of the body and how the breath connects us to them! We'll find gate, half m...

  • Shoulder Release- Restorative Yoga w/ Stacey (Level 1)

    We move gently and will intention as we make our way through more restorative postures leading up to a supported sailors knot. This practice will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed and de-stressed! (39 minutes)

  • Slow & Steady- Vinyasa Flow w/ Stacey (Level 1/2)

    This is a great all-levels flow that focuses on moving slowly and really sinking deep into the poses. Don't let the level 1/2 fool you! Asanas like Warrior 2, Peaceful Warrior, and Crescent lunge will be held with balance and poise. (34 minutes)